Rotate your avatar by clicking the left mouse button and dragging left/right or up/down. To zoom in and out, right-click and drag your mouse up and down. To pan, press both mouse buttons simultaneously and drag.


To view any animation(s) assigned to your avatar, click the Start <animation> button corresponding to the animation you wish to start. To stop an animation, click the desired Stop <animation> button.



Published avatars have the file extension AER. If you published your avatar to a local drive, you can double-click the <avatar>.AER file in the folder you published to. This launches the Atmosphere browser and opens your avatar as a world object.

You can control animations and rotate your viewpoint by selecting the Controls tab and clicking the desired control button. The control buttons listed under World Controls include your specified animations and additional default options. Clicking a control button causes the specified action to happen once.

To load an avatar, enter the Atmosphere world of your choice and type /avatar [SPACE] http://<URL>/<avatar>, where <URL> is the entire web pathname and <avatar> is the avatar's filename (for example, /avatar Once the avatar loads, you can click and drag it into your avatar shortcuts area. Note that you need to publish avatars to FTP sites in order for them to be visible to other world inhabitants.

Created with Avatar Lab from Curious Labs:
For use within Adobe Atmosphere:
Made possible with Viewpoint Experience Technology: